Pulled Over

Her: Let me tell you what my crazy self did?! Me: What?! Her: I forgot to renew my tabs for my license plate on my car…and I got pulled over today! I meant to renew them the month before my birthday but I forgot. I went to the secretary of state the same day to … More Pulled Over

Bluetooth Connection

When I unintentionally disconnect my phone from my car’s bluetooth, it’s a challenge to get back connected. Sometimes I can’t figure out why my phone won’t reconnect but yesterday I was able to see why. I couldn’t connect because I was connected to my bluetooth headphones in my purse/another source. I had to disconnect from … More Bluetooth Connection

The “No” Season!

Take a look at the attached picture….if you’ve ever been on a plane then you can recognize that this is the seatbelt sign, the no smoking sign, along with a few other gadgets. According to federal regulations, smoking is not allowed on flights and when the pilot has the seatbelt sign on it is important … More The “No” Season!