My Testimony of Salvation

So…I figured what better way to start a blog than to start with my testimony of salvation. Here it is:

I grew up never feeling any lack, never noticing what I didn’t have, never being abused, I was well taken care of. My mother did a magnificent job raising me! 🙂 Yet I remember the first time I realized that maybe I was lacking something….my father. I was in the fifth grade and I was talking to a schoolmate who mentioned her mother and father doing something together. Although it shouldn’t’ve shocked me, it did! I asked with my eyebrows raised, “you stay at home with your mother AND father?” Her response was slow…not understanding why I was surprised, “Uh yes..” That was the first time I remember feeling lack and saying to myself, “I want that(a father)”. Afterwards I went on with my day without thinking too much about it because it was my reality to not have a two parent home. Now that Im looking back, I see thats where it begun. The search. The search for that validation and love that can only be given by a father. Did I have loving uncles? Was my grandad an amazing man? Were there good men in my life? Absolutely! There is just something special about a father.

So anyway(fast forward years later), I had boyfriends, partied, and did the “typical” things that teenagers and young adults did in my circle. “The cycle” was a part of living! Always have a boo. Just be sure to take care of business! I went to school, had a job, had goals, so everything should’ve worked out great! I had a relationship that lasted six years and he was definitely the one for me! 🙂 We had been through ups and downs and around the corners but we were kinda still making it(soul tied). Until one day during the normal…I was driving to meet up with the rest of “the girls” for more drinks and to go to the club when I heard a small voice from the inside over the intoxication and blaring music asking, “If you leave here today where would you go?” I knew at that moment that I was hearing from God because the words were soft but pierced the very core of my drunk being. So I knew what was up although I really didn’t(If that makes sense lol). I turned the music up, hit the gas pedal a little harder, and told myself I was indeed crazy! Although Jesus didn’t have to repeat the question, it resonated in my heart until I had to acknowledge it. The answer to that question was hell. I knew I wasn’t living the life that God ordained for me even though I didn’t really know who God was. I knew this couldn’t be all life had to offer. So slowly but surely God led me to Him. I begin going to church, even while having a hangover and all my friends stayed asleep. It was something drawing me that I could not explain…so I told my boo! Surely we would do this thing together! We were going to get married and live for God! The transformation was for both of us!!! YES! I was geeked!

That was not the plan of the Lord. I begin to live a torn life feeling the Holy Spirit tugging me one way but my flesh tugging me another. After it was too much to bear, I made a decision to give God all of me. This was my commitment: I’m going to try this God thing all the way but if it doesn’t work Im going back! I can imagine now that God was up for the challenge because five years later here I am still holding on to the Words of the Lord while daily striving to give the Lord all of me and here He is still being patient with me never leaving or forsaking me! What a good God I/we serve!!

I am forever grateful for The Journey that led me to Christ and The Journey that I am still on until the day Christ returns!

I encourage you to join this journey in which you will obtain peace that you’ll NEVER find ANYWHERE else, this journey in which your wounds will be healed, this journey in which life will be illuminated and things will begin to make sense, this journey that does not have to be done alone because God is there every step of the way, this journey in which you have had the victory before the battle even started…join this journey that is so worth it!!! Salvation and eternity is real!


Can I say another thing??

No matter what…God is still God.

~DeHonee  ❤


The picture at the top is from the funeral home that assisted in the burial of my grandfather this year in March. It was perfect to me because it described this blog of over 800 words in one illustration.


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